An awakening! A realization! A coming alive to the power and possibilities that lie ahead and not just talking about them but actually manifesting them.


Zinduka is an apolitical youth centric and culture shaping platform that seeks to give voice and agency to the youth in Kenya. We believe that a demographic that makes upto 75% of the population is the country needs to not just have representation but influence on the future of Kenya.


Like many African countries, the youth can be a catalyst and pathway to economic growth and development. However, this will not happen outside of a mind shift from the current victim mentality to one of an empowered lot that knows and sees themselves as both solution and agents of change. While many challenges like climate change, stress on food and health systems, unemployment persist in Kenya, the young people remain the x factor in shifting the trajectory of Africa in general and Kenya in particular.

With the median age in Africa being 19.7years, this presents both a challenge and opportunity both of which are determined by those in positions of leadership in the various countries.

Zinduka understands this and is focused on awakening and enlightening the youth to the bright future they can possibly walk in if they change their approach in how they engage in politics, economic and social development.


About us


Zinduka Show

We highlight issues concerning the role of leadership in creating an enabling environment for employment opportunities for the youth. We challenge the status quo and inspire innovative thinking as a means to our emancipation as a nation.

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Zinduka Mtaani

We listen to and air the views of the youth at the grassroots as they share their perspectives on leadership and Economic empowerment. We highlight young people achieving amazing things with the resources they have.

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Zinduka Campus Storms

We convene youth in various learning institutions to engage on critical issues they want addressed by their political leaders. We seek to address the issues of job market readiness and innovation as a way of dealing with unemployment

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President Ruto's 100 days in office- Youth Perception Survey

The Team

Ralph Edwards

Sellah Bogonko

Founder/Host Zinduka

Ralph Edwards

Bilha Ndirangu


Ralph Edwards

Manda Khabesta

Producer Zinduka

Ralph Edwards

Ms. Faith Njeri.

Production Assistant


Joy Wachira

Creative Director

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